Voice Cabling

Communication is essential, having a system which allows you to connect from a single telephone point to many thousands of voice links Fibre Comms Data can provide the service you require.


Whether you need a single telephone extension  installed or re–located, or require a complete system for a new building or an  office move, we can supply a high–performance, and cost–effective structured  cabling solution to meet your telephony needs. The installation of voice  circuits can be as simple as adding an additional voice outlet to installing  large multi-pair voice cables carrying hundreds of circuits to be distributed  on multiple floors and buildings.

Understanding the need for carefully planned  installation, with clearly identified cabling routes and correctly labeled  termination points is critical when distributing cabling across a site.

Fibrecomms Data specialise in the installation,  termination, testing, and containment of voice cabling systems including the  installation of Main Distribution Frames, Computer cabinets, and DP’s to safely  distribute the cabling around the site.

Our services include the termination of Telco type  leads to distribute PABX extension numbers to patch panels and distribution  frames, installing, terminating, testing and labeling of multi-pair voice  cabling links, and jumpering voice circuits including moving, adding to, or  changing existing circuits.

All our work is tested and certified, and we  provide you with an after–sales contract tailored to meet your needs and your  budget.