Cat 5e UTP

Installing a Category 5e cabling solution provides transmission performance that exceeds the industry standards for Category 5e parameters, and Category 5e solutions are qualified for frequencies up to 160 MHz. As a  Certified Installer for a Category 5e cabling you are provided with a 20-year warranty, providing 100% coverage of products, labour, cabling performance and applications.

Category 5e will support applications such as 4/16MBPS Token Ring, 10Base-T, 100Base-T4, 155MBPS ATM and 1000Base-T. While Category 5e installs offer the lowest initial costs, it is important to consider the lifespan of your infrastructure, the applications you use and your future plans for developments and growth of your network. If you envisage running network speeds of Gigabit in the near future then it is highly likely you will exceed the capabilities of a Category 5e channel and should consider a higher performance solution.

If you would like detailed data sheets or technical specifications contact us – we are delighted to demonstrate the quality and performance of the solutions we offer.