Singlemode (OS2)

All singlemode cables and assemblies installed by Fibre Comms Data are constructed using OS2 optical specification of glass, which when cabled produces OS2 “cabled” performance. 

OS2 fibre was developed for the ISO/IEC 24702 (Industrial Premises) it was decided that a lower attenuation SM fibre was required to allow certain applications to operate over distances greater than 2Km (the usual limit for the standards). OS2 is also described within Siemon as “Low Water Peak” or LWP fibre, which gives a wider range of wavelengths upon which WDM equipment can operate in the 1310 – 1550Nm window, increasing its usefulness in addition to its reduced attenuation coefficient (down to 0.4dB (MAX) from 1.0dB (MAX).