Our Approach

Fibrecomms Data Limited  has built a reputation of delivering diverse network solutions to all our clients. Fibrecomms Data can deliver a broad range of telecommunications and networking services of exceptional quality at competitive prices. Our unique experience makes us the ideal choice for projects that require an in-depth, hands-on understanding of network planning and deployment.

Good quality cabling, laid properly and documented  is an aspect of computer networking which is not always given the attention it  deserves. The performance of your network depends not only on the quality of  its components, but also on the quality of the cabling installation.

Fibrecomms Data provide installation and upgrade  services by trained technicians. We make sure to carefully document the layout  of your network and cable runs. Our cable installations do not only carry  standard network traffic but & also data and voice traffic.

We pride ourselves on our technical expertise with over 40 years experience you  can trust us to offer you advice, guidance, and the best solution for your  computer cabling requirements at very competitive rates. Our quick turnaround  means we can respond within 24 hours of an order being placed on us. We are  easy to work with. Just call us for a free quotation.

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